Not all may fall under the charm of Le Manoir, fortunately.

You may book one of its 21 rooms and half board is possible.

At the sound of a bell, the guests are all invited at the same time to an excellent dinner.

A familial atmosphere lingers, even if one waves at the other with courtesy, respecting each other’s privacy.

Not everyone likes to miss the prime time news, to forget the course of the week or to miss the last over publicized catastrophy. Not everyone appreciates not being able to read the latest fiery tweet nor abandoning their followers and virtual friends. Not everyone is ready to start a digital detox.

Le Manoir of Port-Cros is a true gem, so close from the continent and so far from it all.

An enchanted site offering old-world charm and warm confort, far from the long beaches but featuring a large pool. You may have breakfast under eucalyptus trees or lunch looking out to the turquoise-blue sea. You might admire the starry night and sleep in the next morning, knowing that attentive hosts will pamper you.